How should the laminate floor be installed?

2020-05-27 12:15:54

Step 1: Clean the floor and level
Clean all the sand, dust, etc. on the cement floor, especially the sand. If it is not cleaned, it will directly affect the paving effect of the composite floor, especially the solid wood composite floor. It is easy to be sanded after paving. The result is an empty drum or a rustling sound.

After cleaning the ground, it is necessary to do the leveling work. The level of the ground can be checked by the level meter. If the height difference is more than 3 mm, the cement mortar should be used for leveling treatment, and the height difference of the surface layer should be controlled within 3 mm. After leveling the ground, be sure to clean it again to avoid large amounts of dust and particles remaining on the surface.

Step 2: Laying a moisture barrier film
After you have done the leveling work and cleaned the floor, you can lay a moisture-proof membrane. The moisture-proof membrane of the floor is actually a PE film. It is a plastic film processed from polypropylene as a raw material. It has excellent water resistance and heat-sealing properties. It can be installed on the ground to prevent water vapor leakage from affecting the composite floor.

The thickness of the moisture-proof film should not be less than 5 mm. Generally, it should be kept between 5 and 10 mm, and the joints of the two moisture-proof films must be overlapped by 5 or 6 cm, and sealed with waterproof tape. Strict. In addition, the moisture-proof film should extend to about 5 cm above the wall, generally slightly lower than the height of the baseboard, which can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating into the floor along the wall.

Step 3: Determine the laying method and cut
After the moisture barrier film is laid, it is best to pre-lay the laminate floor to determine the best paving method and paving direction. Under normal circumstances, the composite floor is paved inward along the entrance, and the paving method has many ways such as “work” and “human”. The most common is the word “work”. The paving can be used to splicing the different lengths of the floor.

Of course, different paving methods have different requirements on the size of the floor. Generally, the width of the composite floor of the “human” type pavement is small and has a long and narrow shape, while the floor of the “work” type pavement has a length. the difference. However, the size of the laminate flooring purchased is uniform, and cutting is required at this time. Determine the required size before cutting, then place a piece of wood under the floor and cut it with a special tool.

Step 4: Pick the color difference on the floor
There will be inevitable color difference on the surface of the parquet, and in the paving, these floors with chromatic aberration must be natural, and the docking of the texture should be smooth, otherwise it will reduce the appearance, so pick it up before paving. Chromatic work.

When picking the color difference, make sure that the natural light is good, then select a part of the floor with a large difference of color first, arrange it according to the uniform orientation, and then spread the color according to the change of the color difference during the installation process, let the color transition It looks more natural and regular, avoiding abrupt and messy. There is almost no chromatic aberration on the laminate floor surface, so you can skip this step directly during installation.

Step 5: Close the edge and install the baseboard
When the installation of the composite floor is basically completed, it is necessary to do the finishing work. When the edge is closed, the special floor edge strip is installed at the place where the floor and the door rock are connected, which can effectively block the uneven seam of the edge of the floor. At the same time, it also reserves enough space for the expansion and contraction of the floor to protect the edge of the floor.

Finally, the baseboard is installed. The color of the baseboard is generally the same as that of the composite floor. When the gap is reserved when laying the floor, the skirting line is installed along the moisture-proof film. The baseboard can be fixed by cement nails. The gap between the baseboard and the floor should not be too large. Within millimeters.