It’s right to pay attention to these steps before laying the floor.

2020-06-09 12:16:23

When we are decorating the house, laying the floor is a very important part. In order to ensure that the tile or wooden floor can be more beautiful, we need to deal with the ground, so how to deal with the floor before the floor, the following article will introduce you. Steps to clean the floor before the bottom floor.

One: clean up the construction site

1. Remove the putty and latex paint that fell on the ground.

Many people always have a lot of putty and latex paint on the floor when the house is being renovated. It is recommended that you buy some colored strips on the floor during the decoration, so that you will not remove the putty and latex paint. So troublesome.

2, remove the putty residue at the intersection of the ground and the wall, and the loose part of the edge of the putty

Usually when we put out the putty, the worker will only scrape it to the height of the skirting line from the ground. Therefore, the wall that is blocked by the baseboard usually does not put off the putty. It is recommended that everyone ask for wall treatment. The construction personnel scraped the putty to the bottom of the wall.

3, clean up the ground dust

If some small dust on the ground is difficult to remove, you can first brush all the walls with a latex paint brush, you can brush out the tiny dust on the wall and clean it.

4. Clean the floor with a mop

Use a mop to clean the floor so that there is no dust on the floor.

5, the floor cleaning

If the floor cleaning work is not done well, it will easily lead to unevenness when laying wooden floors or tiles, and there will be arching and the like. When installing the floor, we need to wait until the ground is dry before laying.

6. Close the site before the wooden floor enters to prevent dust pollution

Then we need to seal the floor and wait for the floor to be laid. If the floor is not laid for a long time, the surface dust needs to be removed before the floor is laid.

Two: How to deal with different materials before laying

1, solid wood composite floor

When laying the solid wood composite floor, the cement floor should be leveled, and then the materials used should be calculated and a certain expansion joint should be reserved.

2, tile floor

Regardless of whether we carry out dry or wet paving of tiles, we need to consider the proportion of cement sands. When laying larger tiles, we need to leave some expansion gaps. The stone needs to be customized and installed.

3, solid wood flooring

When laying solid wood flooring, in addition to the need to level the concrete floor, you need to play the dragon skeleton, then pre-buried the pesticide, and then calculate the use of materials, reserve a certain expansion joint.