Parquet Maintenance six key

2020-11-09 12:18:41

Parquet wood floors with respect to maintenance much simpler, in daily use and maintenance should note the following:

1. Keep the floor dry, clean, do not allow dripping mop mop the floor, or alkaline, soapy water to wipe, to avoid damage to the gloss of the paint surface; if the home air drying, wet mop may be some or put a pot of water in the heating or humidified with a humidifier.

2. Try to avoid sun exposure, in order to avoid premature aging of the paint surface in the long-term ultraviolet irradiation, cracking;

3. Local board inadvertently 5 accounted dye stains should be promptly removed, if oil can be used lightly dampened cloth dipped in warm water detergent scrub, if drugs or pigments, such as wood surface must ooze be cleared before the end of the stain;

4. Floor to avoid prolonged contact with water, especially not in contact with hot water, so once the water hits the floor, should be promptly wiped away;

5. The best play once every three months waxes, stains before waxing the floor surface to be cleaned. In fact, do not fight also, but often waxing can keep the floor finish to extend the life of the floor.

6. Avoid sharp objects to scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or placed directly too hot stuff, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.