Wood floor to buy these misunderstandings, do not step into.

2020-08-09 12:17:10

When many consumers buy wooden flooring, they always subconsciously have the idea that imported flooring is better than domestic flooring, solid wood flooring is better than solid wood composite flooring, and wood flooring is more expensive. In fact, some of the thoughts you thought were not right!

NO.1 imported flooring must be better than domestically produced
Many shopping guides emphasize “input goods” when they sell their own products. They usually also include the words “imported flooring, which is better than domestic ones.” Since many consumers don’t know much about it, they are credulous and will have a deep impression.
In fact: wood is still that wood, and there are good products made in China.
Whether the wood is imported or domestically produced, its natural attributes will not change, so it cannot be said that the import is better than the domestic one. Many domestic flooring brands also attach great importance to product quality and word of mouth. Consumers can go to the regular store to purchase. In addition, when purchasing, you can also view the test report. If the product is qualified, you can use it with confidence.

NO.2 laminate flooring is harder and more durable
In the exhibition hall, it is often seen that the floor trader uses two floors to knock the hardness test to show that the brand’s floor quality is good and durable. Many consumers also agree with the logic of this type of test method, that the harder the laminate flooring, the better the quality and the more durable the product.
In fact: a variety of factors affect the durability of the floor, not just hard
To judge whether the floor is durable, it is necessary to combine multiple indicators. The density (ie hardness) of the floor is related to the impact resistance of the floor; the water swell rate of the floor, which determines the water resistance of the floor; the internal bonding strength, that is, whether the floor is layered or not, there is a layered floor. The intensity will decrease. These factors combine to affect the durability of the floor. Only when several other index factors are the same can the harder and more durable floor be proved. If it is purely hard, it will become brittle due to lack of sufficient elasticity. In this case, the floor is easily broken.

The thicker the surface of the NO.3 floor, the more wearable
When buying the floor, many consumers will unconsciously choose a thicker floor, and feel that the thicker skin is definitely more wear-resistant.
In fact: wood and paint are the key to determining the wear resistance of the dough
The wear resistance of the dough is the most related to the wood species and the paint surface, and the relationship between the thickness and the paint is not too large; the surface layer process is related to the thickness. The harder the wood species, the more wearable the course; the more flexible and wearable the paint surface. It should be emphasized here that the wear resistance of the paint surface emphasizes flexibility rather than hardness. The paint surface should not be too hard, otherwise it will be brittle and easy to crack.

NO.4 laminate flooring wear resistance is higher as possible
Consumers have a “misunderstanding” about the wear resistance of the floor when buying wooden flooring. The higher the number of revolutions, the better the product. So when buying the floor, some merchants used this to blow their own products to reach 10,000 rpm, 15,000 rpm or even 20,000 rpm. As a result, consumers were caught.
In fact: the right “high” is the best
If you buy a floor, you must consider the wear resistance, but you can’t blindly ask for “high.” There are indeed many businesses that lie about the number of revolutions, but when you buy laminate flooring, you should consider the cost of the environment and products. If there are fewer people in the family, it is ok to choose more than 6000 rpm. Public places such as shopping malls, schools, office buildings, hotels, bars, etc., where the flow of people is concentrated, require higher wear resistance for laminate flooring. , you should choose more than 9000 revolutions.

NO.5 solid wood flooring is the best choice
Wood flooring is generally divided into solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring. Many people think that solid wood flooring must be the best, but its high price makes many people daunting.
In fact: the ruler is long and the inch is short.
In fact, whether it is solid wood flooring or solid wood composite, reinforced composite, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of solid wood flooring is that it has a good foot feeling and high environmental protection. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be affected by the indoor environment and has problems such as arching, warping and deformation, and maintenance is difficult. The solid wood composite floor has the comfortable foot feeling of the solid wood floor, and overcomes the shortcoming of the solid wood floor being easy to be deformed. Therefore, the maintenance and care of the composite wood floor is simpler than the solid wood floor. The environmental protection of solid wood composite is not as good as solid wood. For the laminate flooring, the environmental protection is poor, the foot feel is poor, and the repairability is poor, but it is wearable than the other two, the color is uniform, and the visual effect is good.

NO.6 the higher the price, the better
The so-called people do not know the money to understand the goods. Many people are based on this understanding when buying the floor. Subconsciously, it is definitely better than cheap. So some people don’t care what material is suitable for them. As long as they are expensive, they feel that they are worth buying.
In fact: price and value, only choose the right one.
One criterion for choosing building materials is to choose only the right ones, not the expensive ones. The price of solid wood flooring is about 300~600 yuan, the price range of solid wood composite flooring is about 300 yuan, and the laminate flooring needs about 60~200 yuan. Everyone needs to choose wood according to their own economic situation. Prices such as birch and eucalyptus are low or moderate, and precious varieties such as teak and rosewood are expensive. Because the wood flooring wood products sold on the market can meet the requirements in terms of hardness and craftsmanship, it is not necessary to blindly choose the wood of precious varieties. Merbau, heavy ant wood, iron wire, iron eucalyptus, etc. are all commonly used materials. When purchasing, try to choose common materials, instead of choosing other materials because of color, pattern and other factors. more money.