How to identify the true and false of environmentally friendly wood flooring?

2020-09-21 12:17:25

“Be sure to look at the test report to see if the formaldehyde content meets the national standards.” To look at the floor test report, in addition to the formaldehyde content identified on it, look at the test category. Generally, the inspection category is higher than the inspection quality of the national supervision inspection or enterprise commission inspection, and the formaldehyde emission of qualified products is within the safe range.

In addition to these highly specialized methods, Professor Li Junhua, an expert on indoor air pollution purification technology at Tsinghua University, also teaches consumers two simple ways to identify whether formaldehyde is excessive: saw the wooden floor into a new section and listen carefully. Look, if there is a pungent smell or a sensation of glare, it must be a substandard product with excessive formaldehyde, otherwise it can be basically determined to be an environmentally friendly product. In addition, consumers can soak the top of a small sample in boiling water for 1-3 minutes to see if there is a pungent odor. Because of the low formaldehyde emission, environmentally friendly wood flooring generally does not smell pungent odor. If the irritating odor is strong and even makes the eyes feel uncomfortable, it proves that there is more free formaldehyde in the substrate of the floor.

In addition to the fact that the floor itself contains formaldehyde, it will cause pollution to the indoor environment. Gao Zhihua also reminds consumers to choose the floor and cannot ignore the installation problem. If the installation is not standardized, it will also have an impact on the environment. In addition, if the adhesive in the floor does not meet the standard, it will also cause indoor formaldehyde pollution.

Therefore, in the selection of wood flooring with good environmental performance, consumers should also pay attention to environmental protection and cleanliness in related processes, so as to ensure the comfort and health of the home environment from all aspects.