What is a composite laminate flooring, it is what advantages and disadvantages?

2020-10-09 12:18:05

[What is a composite laminate flooring?]
Composite laminate flooring, namely, laminate flooring, also known as laminate flooring, laminate flooring and other countries officially named Laminate wood floors. Laminate wood flooring is one or more layers of special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin pavement in the particleboard, MDF, high-density fiberboard and other wood-based panel substrate surface, plus the back-balancing layer, positive plus wear layer, thermally Pressure from the wood floor.

[Composite laminate flooring structure Introduction]
Laminate flooring is made of composite wear layer, decorative layer, a base layer, balance layer composition floor.
First layer: wear layer. Mainly by Al2O3 (aluminum oxide), with a strong wear resistance and hardness, a composite number from melamine laminate flooring can not meet the requirements of the standard.
Second layer: decorative layer. Is a layer of melamine resin impregnated by paper printing paper imitation precious species of wood or other patterns.
Third layer: the grassroots level. Medium density or high density laminate. High temperature, high pressure processing, have some proof, flame retardant, the base material is made of wood fibers.
The fourth layer: balancing layer. It is a layer of special paper, there is a certain strength and thickness, and impregnated with resin, played the role of moisture-proof floor deformation.

[Composite laminate flooring advantages]
1, wear: truly achieve the national standard composite strengthen the floor above is about common paint adorn the floor 10 to 30 times;
2, appearance: available computer simulation of a variety of wood and pattern, color;
3, stable: completely broken the original timber organization, undermining the characteristics of anisotropic shrinkage and swelling, size very stable, especially for the system to warm the room.
In addition, the composite laminate flooring as well as impact resistance, anti-static, anti-pollution, light resistance, resistance to cigarette ignition, easy installation, maintenance and simple.

[Composite laminate flooring shortcomings]
Composite strengthen the floor after being irreparably damaged blisters, foot feeling worse.
Of particular note is the market, some sellers said his composite flooring laminate flooring is “waterproof floor”, this is only for the purposes of the surface, in fact, the use of a composite laminate flooring is only to avoid blisters.
Composite reinforced floor wear revolution:
Some markets are highly complex strengthen the floor wear revolution express, but the credibility is not necessarily high. GB provisions: Family with wear rotation requirements ≥4000 rpm.