Do not wax laminate flooring

2020-11-01 12:18:18

There are people all know wood floor waxing to increase the brightness, to protect the surface from abrasion, easy to clean, because the wood floor surface is coated surface UV lacquer or acrylic paint, although there is a certain brightness and can not easily be worn features, but and laminate flooring wear layer compared to far. Laminate flooring (commonly known as the laminate flooring or laminate flooring, scientific name: stains impregnated paper laminated wood floor), under lining moisture, deformation of the base sheet, upper wear, beautiful surface of paper by modern mechanical and electrical equipment in high temperature, high pressure compressed into new wood floors. Laminate flooring is generally divided into the surface of the substrate layer and the underlying three-tier structure, its advantages are: a higher wear resistance. ʱ??

Strengthen the wooden floor waxing, there will be:

1, can not increase the brightness, reaching less than using the standard prescribed by the state. ʱ??

2, because laminate flooring wear layer itself, in the above waxing seem superfluous. Waxing is not directly on the floor friction wear layer, but friction wax layer, causing many users mistakenly thought that laminate flooring is very “delicate” illusion. ʱ??

3, in the wear layer cleaning is very easy to do, such as playing waxing much later but more trouble. Finally, cautioned consumers, laminate flooring is not waxing.