Composite wood floor properly maintained home

2020-11-05 12:18:28

In the modern home decoration, the floor has become a decoration in the main event, so how the right to choose their own, cheap floor becomes a problem many home buyers care about. And have their favorite floor will undoubtedly make it into a more solid aesthetic world.

In general, commonly used in home decoration floor there are two main composite flooring and solid wood flooring. Currently, the market composite floor are two major categories: one is parquet; the other is laminate flooring.

1) flooring category
Direct material is wood parquet, retains the advantages of natural wood flooring, natural texture, comfortable, but not as good as laminate flooring surface wear.
Strengthening substrate composite flooring is the use of small-diameter wood, branches and wood processing adhesive made by certain production processes. This floor surface smooth, neat pattern, wear resistance, Jiaogan hard, easy maintenance.

2) grade flooring
Currently, the grade parquet floor of the main species according to the surface, pattern and color to distinguish. Surface species material better, more orderly pattern, color smaller, more expensive price; on the contrary, the worse species material, color is, the more surface scarring, the lower the grade, the lower the price. Consumers in the purchase, should understand the difference between different grades, and remember the code of the selected grade, when delivery to verify that the code on the package is consistent.